Welcome to Riders Battling Bullying. We are a group of motorcycle riders from all areas of the Black Country. Our aim is to spread Bullying Awareness around the… schools, youth clubs, Scouts, children’s homes etc. of the Black Country. We are here to help in any way we can, from listening, talking, meeting up and supporting the unfortunate people who have to face the daily torment and abuse off bullies.

We are here to encourage and give confidence back to the victims of bullying, by letting them know they are not alone. The group is for them to share experiences and to let them know there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will be looking to organise events and meets so all the people can get together, make new friends, take time out from the day to day pressure they have to face. If you would like to contact us see contact details or find us on Facebook Riders Battling Bullying or Riders Battling Bullying Social Chat, or if preferred private message or email ridersbattlingbullying@yahoo.com. We can’t physically stop bullying but we will try and prevent it.

Donations and Sponsorship

We are a non-profit organisation and we rely on the kind donations and sponsorship to help us to carry on, continue our work supporting and helping victims and their families of bullying. 100% of any donation or sponsorship goes directly to helping and supporting the victims of bullying. You can see our fund raising page to see how your kind donations are used.

If you would like to donate to, or sponsor Riders Battling Bullying please use the link below for donations and please go to our contact page for more information regarding sponsorship.

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is, and how vital it is to have support and donations to allow us to continue the constant battle against bullying.

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About Us

We don’t show our achievements due to confidentiality. 
You don’t see messages from parents.
You don’t hear phone calls from parents. 
You don’t see all… the hard work behind the scenes.
You don’t see us do a 40hr week then come home and start again.
You don’t see the sacrifices our families go through

You do see us giving talks to organisations
You do see us at school fetes
You do see us asking for donations
You do see us running a Saturday morning club
You do see us organising fundraising events
You do see us visiting families on our bikes
You do see us at meetings every week.

Alot of hard work goes into Riders Battling Bullying so please help us.
Just a small donation goes a long way.
Visit www.ridersbattlingbullying.com

The best way to understand us is to hear why our founding members started this group.


Hi folks just an intro. I’m Mac from Stourbridge. My partner Karen and I founded Riders Battling Bullying for this reason. I have been bullied as a child like so many children In the 70s and 80s when it was a case of you need to look after yourself, but these days there are lots of support groups which are needed in today’s society as children seem to be under alot more pressure with fashion, latest phones, demands from school work etc which leads in some cases to Bullying. If you know of any families who might need support tell them about us. A smile and laugh of a child is priceless and if we can do that then we are on the right path.



The best way to support Riders Battling Bullying is to become a member. We ask that members where possible attend our meetings, join us at anti-bullying events and enjoy the occasional ride out.

All of this is to promote our cause, which is to educate youngsters on the dangers of bulling and help prevent bullying in all it’s forms

If you think you can bring something to our group and want to help support us please complete this form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Information provided on this form will only be used by our group. We do not share any information with anyone else. We ask about Facebook as this is how we communicate all of our news within the group.



To contact Riders Battling Bullying, please use the following form or you can find us on Facebook or call Mac directly on 07928 355 499